Blog Post Roundup

“The Premiere”

New illustration that I’m using on my next promotional postcard:


My working sketch:


Initial thumbnail sketch:



Illustration for “Fluent Forever” Foreign Language Pronunciation Trainer

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of producing an illustration for Gabriel Wyner’s Foreign Language Pronunciation app – Fluent Forever. The images used in the app help the user associate groups of words together to help them better remember them. Here is my interpretation of “Cheap – Hotel – 7 – Day – Plastic – Bed”:


Here was my initial sketch:



Spot illustrations for Clubhouse Jr.

Here are some recent spot illustrations I did for the joke page in Clubhouse Jr. Magazine.

Which birds really stick together?



Some concept sketches for the vel-crows:sketches-vel-crows

What kind of fish likes to listen to music?
A tune-a fish. Final_Tune-a-Fish

Who gives cows money when they lose teeth?
The Moo-th fairy.





Here are a couple of sketches I found while looking through my hard drive:




Self Portrait


I recently completed this little self portrait that I’m planning to use it on my new business cards.

New Kids! Poster

I recently collected some of my kids character designs onto a poster. I’m planning to send this along with some other samples to various potential clients. I also have it available for purchase here.


Just Kidding Illustration for Clubhouse Jr. MAgazine

I recently had another super fun assignment for Clubhouse Jr. Magazine – creating the illustration for the “Just Kidding” feature in the May 2014 issue. The Clubhouse magazines are always full of wonderful illustrations so I get excited every chance I get to contribute. I had a lot of fun adding the little details in this one!


Some of my working sketches:



Here is an image of how the illustration appeared in the issue:


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Skate Park Puzzle – May ChickaDEE Magazine

The May 2014 issue of ChickaDEE Magazine is now available, and I had the pleasure of illustrating the puzzle spread for this issue. This puzzle features a bike trail maze, which was a really fun challenge to create. I use to draw mazes in my school notebooks all the time, so this one brought back some fun memories!

Here is the completed spread (click to view larger version):


Here are a few details of a couple of my favorite scenes:



This is my initial thumbnail sketch. For a complicated scene like this, the thumbnail stage is the most important stage – fitting in all the required elements clearly while also making sure the composition reads well is obviously very important:


Here is the final sketch before I moved into the final line work, and colour:


More information on ChickaDEE magazine
Owlkids Facebook page


Twins in Time – eBook

I’m excited to announce the launch of Twins in Time, a children’s eBook written by Zach Weinersmith with illustrations by yours truly.

The book is now available – Get it here!


Here’s a short book description:

Twins in Time is a visual adventure written in verse. It is written with children in mind, but particularly intelligent adults are welcome to come along. Twins in Time explores the classic physics question called “The Twins Paradox” in a brisk and lighthearted style.

Each page is a full color painting by acclaimed children’s book illustrator, Chris Jones. The text of the story is written by Zach Weinersmith, the cartoonist who creates Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

For those who demand a bit more rigor in their children’s literature, physicist and bestselling author Dr. Sean Carroll has written a brief discussion of time at the end of the book.

A small preview of some of the interior artwork:

Twins-in-Time_sample-1 Twins-in-Time_sample-2 Twins-in-Time_sample-3